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The Nelson’s Project

The Ruby

Our first tiny house build, "The Ruby," is named after the gorgeous stretch of Montana trout stream it found as a home this fall. The 160 sq. ft. rustic farmhouse style home will be used as a base camp for fishermen and guides of Ruby Springs Fishing Lodge outside of Sheridan, Montana. This home featured a full off-the-grid system complete with rooftop solar array and a contained water system. A seamless integration of high end reclaimed materials and simply functional design gives the inside of the home a spacious and yet cozy feel.

The Alpenglow

This was the first of the Alpenglow builds, and there are two more hot on its heels so stay tuned. This home included an option for storage incorporated stairs built-in instead of a ladder to the loft, a compact washing machine unit, as well as some really cool options such as a use of carbon sequestering hemp wool insulation in the ceiling. (I think Bigwood may be the first tiny house company to use hempwool and I'm pretty excited about it). 

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