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The Alpenglow

The flagship of the Bigwood fleet - the Alpenglow is a home to be LIVED in. It's cozy yet spacious, and comes with a large kitchen, sleeping loft, 3/4 bath, and living room with big beautiful windows. It's a fully turnkey housing option with room to customize to your liking.

-Starting at $72,000


The Ruby

The Ruby is the Alpenglow's little sister. Four feet shorter with a simplified single slope shed roof, the Ruby essentially fits all the same features as the Alpenglow into a smaller, 20 foot long package.

-Starting at $69,000


Custom Works

Every life is a little different, so we recognize that every home should be a little different too. That's why we always work with the customer to tailor an Alpenglow or Ruby home to their specific desires and needs. A stairway here, a wood stove there, no problem. But if you have something completely different in mind, go the custom route and we'll help you to design your dream tiny house from the ground up.

Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 4.54.18 PM.png

In it for the long haul

The construction industry is not always sustainable, but we are hoping to change the narrative. From the materials we use to build, to the design of the home — every decision is made with its impact on the earth in mind.

Off-Grid Systems

One of the most unique aspects of a tiny home is its mobility, so it only makes sense to develop self sufficient off-grid systems for those who prefer the road less travelled. 


Make it your own

While our base models are equipped with all the comforts of home, we realize that tastes vary widely and offer a long list of customizations that can be tacked on to the original design. From increased storage, to wood stove heat, to solar power, let us know what your dreams for tiny living include.

Inspected and certified

All Bigwood homes are inspected to meet and/or exceed ANSI + building standards by the third party inspection service, NOAH. 

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